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I Alone

I Alone

Dance Jam Music

My third album and this has been a difficult one. Inspired by the breakup of a relationship with who was meant to be my future wife, this album is at times emotional and sad while there are elements of happiness and joy. 2019 was meant to be the happiest year of my life, a chance to be together with the woman I thought loved me as much as I loved her. However, it turned out to be a deep, dark year full of sadness and depression. So I threw myself into the studio and went on a journey to express how I felt into music.

The title track “I Alone” starts with some A minor guitar chords which just say sad, but the track builds as the need to push through and be stronger. There are two Drum & Bass tracks on the album, “Coming Home To Nothing” is about the feelings of coming home to an empty house but having the need to be creative to break the depression. “BKK” is totally inspired by my many trips to Bangkok. There are also a couple of Dub Reggae type tracks which are more of a happier feeling such as watching a sunset on a beach in Thailand.

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of this album and I hope you enjoy it as much I had did making it.

Written, produced and mastered by Dean Williams


Track List

  • 1. I Alone 15:37
  • 2. Coming Home To Nothing 5:54
  • 3. Cloudy Thoughts 3:58
  • 4. Phone Sex 6:14
  • 5. My Heart My Soul 4:30
  • 6. BKK 5:53
  • 7. When The Sun Goes Down (Dub) 5:10
  • 8. Redemption 6:02
  • 9. Dreams 3:28
  • 10. I Alone (reprise) 5:58

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